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Margaret Morris has been conducting research on pharaonic architecture and Egyptian antiquities since 1984, starting at the former Institute For Applied Archaeological Sciences (IAPAS). The IAPAS was founded by the award-winning materials scientist Dr. Joseph Davidovits in 1984 at Barry University, in Miami Shores, Florida, to advance worthwhile ancient technology and clarify certain nebulous areas of ancient history. For a number of years, Margaret served as the Assistant Director of the IAPAS.

She has published papers and debates with scientists in technical and science journals, including 'The Journal of Geological Education.' She has debated noted geologists, including Dr. Robert L. Folk, Department of Geology, the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, and Dr. James A. Harrell, then Head of the Geology Department at the University of Toledo, in Ohio. She has co-authored with the internationally recognized scientist Dr. Joseph Davidovits, founder of the chemistry of geopolymerization. Their book 'The Pyramids: An Enigma Solved' (Hippocrene, NY 1988) was awarded two-starred reviews (one for the adult reading category and one for the teen category), by the American Library Association (Booklist, November 15, 1988). A star indicates a work judged outstanding in its genre.

She has organized scientific research so that 'The Great Pyramid Secret: Egypt's Amazing Lost Mystery Science Returns' has many contributions from scientists of several disciplines and other experts. Among these names is the highly distinguished geochemist, geophysicist, and micropaleontologist Dr. Edward J. Zeller, who served as the Director of the former Radiation Physics Laboratory of the Space Technology Center of the University of Kansas. The many contributors are listed in the acknowledgments of 'The Great Pyramid Secret: Egypt's Amazing Lost Mystery Science Returns.' An early draft of her aforementioned book inspired years of research at Drexel University's Department of Materials Engineering that is still on-going.

Dr. Michel Barsoum, Professor of Materials Science at Drexel University, read an early draft of her book and was inspired to organize an international team of scientists to study its premise. Michel Barsoum et al. write in their first peer-reviewed paper on this research that the sophistication of the recovered pyramid technology is "…simply astounding….We are also very grateful to Ms. M. Morris, who has been invaluable and unstintingly generous with her time and knowledge, and without which this work would not have been possible." Dr. Michel Barsoum's first peer-reviewed paper on this research was published in the 'Journal of the American Ceramics Society,' Volume 89 Issue 12, Page 37-88 - December 2006. The authors of this paper on the pyramids are: M. W. Barsoum, A. Ganguly, and G. Hug.

Professor Michel Barsoum, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University, et al. also thank Dr. M. Radovic and L. Walker of Oak Ridge National Laboratory for conducting scanning electron microscope measurements, and they gratefully thank contributing scientists from various universities. The research led by Dr. Michel Barsoum was an international effort and included the Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales in France.

The findings of Professor Michel Barsoum's intensive research was featured in many international news sources beginning December 1, 2006. News sources featuring this body of research include the New York Times, USA Today, the London Times and many others.

The prestigious science journal 'Nature' featured this body of research in 2006.

In 2008, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) followed suit by teaching a class (Materials in Human Experience: Class 3.094) to use the recovered ancient technology described in 'The Great Pyramid Secret: Egypt's Amazing Lost Mystery Science Returns' to build a model pyramid. This work was led by MIT Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; and Nuclear Science and Engineering, Dr. Linn W. Hobbs.

Margaret Morris has given talks at gatherings, in radio interviews, TV appearances and conferences to discuss the premises of this body of research.

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