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Your thinking Will Change Forever…

Some people assume that Egyptology has explained the masonry and construction mysteries of the Great Pyramid. Others believe that constructing the Great Pyramid required highly advanced technology from Atlantis or another planet. Regardless of which opinion you hold, The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! will change your thinking forever.

The Enigmas Defined As Never Before…

The extent of the masonry and construction enigmas of the Great Pyramid remain largely buried or dispersed in the vast Egyptological literature. Those mysteries that have perplexed researchers since the inception of Egyptology are gathered together as never before in The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved!

A True Paradigm Shift...

The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! is not just another book on the Great Pyramid or about pyramid construction. This book presents a true paradigm shift.

You Will Discover...

  • What special technology was used to build the Great Pyramid
  • What special technology was used to erect 1000-ton and heavier granite colossi
  • How tiny stone beads in the Cairo Museum as small as 0.023 inch in diameter, with smaller threading holes, were made
  • The real meaning and purpose of the Great Pyramid
  • Who the evidence strongly suggests built the Great Pyramid
  • The probable date at which the Great Pyramid was built
  • How ancient builders situated obelisks and other large monoliths in confined spaces without the use of cranes or other heavy machinery
  • Why the enigmatic cut lines in the hard red granite sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid display the heretofore inexplicable telltale marks of impossibly rapid saw blade advancement
  • How hard rock like quartzite was fashioned into items like perfectly executed monolithic chambers and seven story-high colossi (keep in mind that it is difficult to drill quartzite using a modern tungsten carbide bit [second in hardness to diamond], even with thousands of pounds of pressure applied to the tool bit)
  • You will also discover how the special technology used to build the Great Pyramid, and to make the other enigmatic stone artifacts, is being used today for a variety of important industrial applications.