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The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved!
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Dr. Edward J. Zeller, geophysicist and geochemist of the University of Kansas*
Robert G. McKinney, igneous rock geologist and geophysicist licensed in the state of North Carolina
Dr. Joseph Davidovits, founder of the Geopolymer Institute in France
James Shelton, industrial geologist and geophysicist, Director of Exotic Materials Research, Infinite Industries*
George A. Havach, On-Line Technical Editor, U.S. Geological Survey*
Mike Carrell, Systems Engineer, now retired from the former RCA Corporation* after 38 years as a Principal Member of the Technical Staff
* Professional association is given for identification purposes only and does not imply official or unofficial endorsement by these entities.
Dr. Edward J. Zeller
Until his death in 1996, geologist and geophysicist Dr. Edward J. Zeller was the head of the NASA-funded Space Technology Center at the University of Kansas. He wrote:
"Congratulations on completing The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! I read every page with great interest. It is at once tremendously compelling, entertaining, well written and also structured to hold one's attention. It is logical to think that, if properly published, this intriguing work is certain to be a book of enormous popular appeal that will make a permanent and very positive impact on people's thinking. A number of best-selling books on ancient technology have captured the public interest over the years, but none of them has made a favorable impression on the academic community. In contrast, the research that your work captures in such a fascinating manner combines good science, a unique and revolutionary point of view, and academic material that you have simplified beautifully for the broad public.
"No one should make the mistake of thinking that your work is just another book on the Egyptian pyramids. Rather, this material holds the potential to open a whole new field of thought and investigation for both academia and the general public, as it introduces and fully explains a heretofore unknown and intriguing aspect of ancient technology with very important ramifications for today and for the future. Your work presents a whole new view of ancient materials science and the only logical solution to certain difficult enigmas of the remote past, especially the construction of the Great Pyramids.
You have presented those enigmas so that their true scope is, for the first time, really fully apparent. Most especially, in learning of the secret you reveal for solving these puzzles of antiquity, your readers are in for a very special treat. I do sincerely hope that The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! will see the light of day soon."
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Robert G. McKinney
Robert G. McKinney, a geologist and geochemist with 40 years of experience, is licensed in the state of North Carolina. He writes:
"Robert H. Stebbins, former Manager of EXXON's Minerals Division and a good friend of mine, likes to observe that good data, persistently and persuasively presented, usually win. The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! certainly fills that bill. It should cause those otherwise pragmatic scientists and Egyptologists who have judged your previous work on the basis of personal bias to reconsider their positions.
I hope the book is published soon and widely circulated so that continued debate regarding the significance of facts you have presented can become more focused on fact and less on personal bias.
It is a piece of good work!!"
Dr. Joseph Davidovits
Dr. Joseph Davidovits, founder of the chemistry of geopolymerization and the Geopolymer Institute, located in France, wrote the following:
"During my last visit, I had the pleasure to read your new manuscript The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! …I find your eye-opening approach very appealing. First, you shatter traditional thinking on how the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built. Your clearly written work shows that, despite what is assumed by scholars and educators alike, the construction of Egypt's Great Pyramids poses a super-mystery. The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! will leave readers unfamiliar with the solution scratching their heads until the point in the work at which you begin exploding myths and opening up a whole new way of thinking about the problem.
Your long dedication to the relevant knowledge is quite apparent, and your own efforts over the past several years have greatly facilitated the progression of this important line of scientific research. It does not require an Egyptologist to see that the material presented represents advanced thinking and clarifies a matter that until now has posed many enigmas."
James Shelton
Industrial geologist and geophysicist James Shelton lives in Louisiana and is the Director of Exotic Materials Research, Infinite Industries. He writes:
"Finally, the long awaited breakthrough for Egyptology and archaeology. Ms. Morris's scholarly, well researched definitive answer to Pyramid and monument construction is a breath of fresh air in the technically handicapped arena of Egyptology. The answer that is both technically feasible and scientifically demonstrable, appears in the form of an old art practiced throughout the ancient megalithic stone building world. At last, all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly. The historical timeframes, existing technology, and manpower are as Egyptology has stated; only the materials and construction technology change as the result of the translation of an existing stelae that described the process and ingredients and the recent independent rediscovery of the process. No stone has been left unturned in this stunning piece of detective work.
This book is a "must read" for the archaeologist, history buff, scientist, builder, and general reader alike. In a world crying for new building materials and technologies, this book is destined to become a classic. I cannot recommend it highly enough!"
George A. Havach
George Havach is an On-Line Technical Editor for the U.S. Geological Survey. After reading "The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved!" he wrote the following review on December 28, 2000:
"The soundly researched theory of pyramid construction you present certainly deserves worldwide attention at this time of "New Age renaissance" and revival of interest in all things anciently mysterious, and I hope your Web site will continue to attract hordes of the intelligent and curious.
I find that the cumulative body of evidence you muster to substantiate your case is truly overwhelming. I guess it really needs to be so, in order to overcome the sheer weight of customary prejudice, within traditional archeology in general and classical Egyptology in particular, regarding the methods used by the ancient pyramid builders.
Your book has authoritatively answered an immense number of nagging questions in my mind about the building and embellishment techniques employed in ancient Egyptian monumental architecture. You have decisively dispelled the longstanding muddle of bewilderment and senseless speculation about ingenious implements, supernatural scenarios, and extraterrestrial intervention. All that your book offers has meant a significant breakthrough in my personal understanding of our cultural inheritance from ancient Egypt; I have never before been able to glimpse the sublime significance of this "wonder of the ancient world" so realistically and relevantly.
What I find truly puzzling is the degree of stubbornness, even stupidity, that you and Joseph Davidovits have been met with so far in attempting to explain the merits of your case to credentialed members of the scientific and technical establishment--who, I'd say, should know better than to fall such easy prey to snap judgment, selective thinking, and confirmation bias (the sorry example of Christopher Dunn, author of The Giza Power Plant, comes immediately to mind).
Again, thank you for allowing me to participate in the dissemination of these valuable and compelling ideas by hopefully contributing to their masterful presentation within the pages of your excellent book.
Please keep me informed on the progress of your Web site and your publishing efforts!"
Mike Carrell
Mike Carrell, Systems Engineer, is now retired from the former RCA Corporation* after 38 years as a Principal Member of the Technical Staff. In May of 2001 he wrote the following review:
"It is said that one must fight fire with fire. Morris trumps faulty scholarship about the pyramids with superior scholarship. Like a relentless detective in a whodunit, she examines in painstaking detail what has been written about the Great Pyramid of Khufu, following each thread to its traditional and unsatisfactory conclusion. Then all suspects gather in the drawing room and the real lost secret is unveiled. It isn't a secret of transportation, or of cutting, or of massive labor, or advanced technology misplaced in time. It's a secret of .....well, read her book and celebrate human observation, experimentation and persistence from the dawn of recorded history. Know as well that flaming geniuses from early times have left their fingerprints on human civilization. Although deified in their time, they were not gods.
I'm an engineer, arrived late on the scene. I can say that I greatly respect the detail and honesty of her scholarship, even when it involves technical matters far afield from her primary strength as a historian."
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