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The classroom discussion of pyramid construction has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Today students are asking about ideas they have heard on the radio or seen on TV. The popular media routinely carries articles and interviews suggesting that the ancient Egyptians must have had help from a more advanced civilization when building the Great Pyramid.

One reason for this trend is that Egyptology faces a growing intellectual conflict with machinists and engineers whose technical expertise allows them to recognize that the Great Pyramid and related artifacts could not have been built by the means embraced by Egyptology. Some of these experts insist that technology we would consider futuristic existed during antiquity.

On the other hand, Egyptologists more fully understand the Late Stone Age technical horizon upon which the Pyramid Age Egyptians operated. Egyptologists, therefore, oppose the introduction of exotic tools and devices that conflict so dramatically with the archaeological record. All of this produces a dilemma for educators who may not know which expert opinion to rely on.

The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! offers a way out of this dilemma. This book offers the logical and proven solution to the seemingly irreconcilable masonry and engineering problems. This solution is in complete compliance with the archaeological record. In fact, only the real solution to the masonry and engineering enigmas can fully comply with the archaeological record.

Now when a student asks how the Egyptians positioned 27 foot-long beams high in the Great Pyramid without a crane, educators will be able to effectively address the question. Educators will not be stumped when students ask how Egyptians of the Late Stone Age cut rock too hard to be shaped with modern diamond drills. Educators will understand the relevant ancient technology, and this new understanding will in turn allow them to know why no space aliens, time travelers. Atlanteans or advanced machinery were needed to perform certain seemingly impossible tasks.

The construction of the Great Pyramid has become a truly important topic for educators because of literature, easily accessible to students, asserting that highly advanced technology was required to prepare and lift its blocks and produce associated stone artifacts. In turn, this implies that an advanced civilization once dominated Egypt and/or our planet, or that aliens visited from another planet and imparted special technology. Consequently, many areas of thought about ancient history and the history of science are dramatically affected.

Scholars tend to deal with these matters with dismissive and/or condemnatory remarks, rather than by showing exactly what is wrong with them. For instance, a scholar may not have the right kind of expertise to counter a machinist who uses a lifetime of expertise, and the expertise of his peers, to assert that certain genuine hard stone artifacts cannot be replicated without tooling devices afforded only by high technology.

It is important to deal with these kinds of assertions by showing exactly why they are wrong, as does The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! Only then can students be free of looming questions and doubts. Otherwise, an incorrect premise is established in the minds of students, and then it is natural for incorrect theories to radiate from that premise. It is high time to end the confusion about ancient masonry and engineering enigmas so that students have the benefit of a solid intellectual foundation upon which to base their thinking about other matters involving human history and science.

Note: Please be sure to click on the book excerpts page below, so that you can consider important information concerning the PBS NOVA program titled This Old Pyramid, which is used as an educational tool (see excerpt 1).

Note: Please be sure to click on the debate link below. I (Margaret Morris) challenged machinist Chris Dunn, author of The Giza Power Plant, to a debate. Chris Dunn will have to try to defend his notion that advanced machinery existed during antiquity. Find out exactly why Chris Dunn is wrong!

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