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Many authors have written about the mystery of the pyramids without putting their fingers on the real mystery. The REAL mystery is the question of how the Great Pyramid was built. This one germane mystery has spawned controversial theories and claims of all kinds.

Some of these ideas have become popular because the accepted theories established by Egyptology do not solve the enigma of pyramid construction.

For instance, the 1992 PBS NOVA film titled This Old Pyramid convinced some viewers that building the Great Pyramid was relatively easy. The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! exposes the truth about the NOVA film. Here is an excerpt:

Egyptology Does Not Know How the Blocks of the Great Pyramid Were Elevated

"The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) science series "NOVA" later attempted and filmed the construction of a much smaller pyramid. The NOVA program is titled This Old Pyramid, and it first aired as a 90-minute special over PBS stations on November 4, 1992. NOVA's goal was to address unresolved problems of constructing the Great Pyramid. NOVA incorporated fewer than 200 one- and two-ton blocks into an unfinished 18-foot high mini-pyramid.

The NOVA film repeatedly states that their workers used only ancient means to build the mini-pyramid, and the film implies this throughout. But only three or four one-ton stones, needed for the on-camera demonstration, were raised up the mini-ramp manually. The rest were hauled and placed with a front-end loader, a construction vehicle with a hydraulically operated scoop in front!

....I, therefore, sent out a press release with hope that the educational community would demand a disclaimer if the truth was exposed. But there was only one response from the media. When science writer Carlos Byars received my press release and learned of the front-end loader, he confronted NOVA producer Michael Barnes.

Byars advises that "the viewer had better beware" in his article in the Houston Chronicle (Wrap-up, Saturday, November 13, 1993). The small article reads in part, "although the use of modern machines is mentioned four times, Barnes said, the emphasis of the piece is on the use of tools and methods available to ancient Egyptians." "That is not quite the way it was," countered Byars, who had watched the film three times before interviewing Barnes.

Vague statements about machines in the film, if noticeable at all, lead viewers to assume the use of inconsequential devices. Instruments for checking leveling and vehicles for transporting equipment and people are acceptable to the experiment. Viewers who noticed the brief references to machines would naturally assume the use of these kind of devices because the film denies the use of heavy machinery. The film states, "Roger wanted to lower these blocks in place with a fork-lift, but Mark has insisted on ancient methods." As Byars aptly remarks, "One of the best and most award-winning science programs on television, NOVA, has been caught with its front-end loader hanging out."

... As Congress oversees public television, I registered complaints of scientific fraud with some congressional offices. Consequently, some congressional staff assistants made telephone inquiries to This Old Pyramid's producer Michael Barnes. Barnes promised them he would make a disclaimer or re-package This Old Pyramid, and his promise disarmed further congressional inquires. Barnes's promise appears in writing in a letter to viewer Charles Horton, of Fort Worth, Texas:

"I am not sure what errors you are referring to as we feel the film was thoroughly researched and represents widely accepted knowledge of Old Kingdom Egypt and their methods of building pyramids...With reference to the discussion with congressional staff I agreed to clarify the narration of the repackaged version of the film so that it clearly states that modern equipment was also used to build the NOVA pyramid....But to avoid possible confusion, we will, when the program is rebroadcast in 1997, as part of a series on ancient engineering, add an additional line of narration to the effect that stonemason Roger Hopkins used a modern loader to help build the pyramid."

The re-packaged 60-minute version first aired in February of 1997, as the lead film in NOVA's series Secrets of Lost Empires. The revised pyramid film does not include the promised disclaimer. Instead, it repeats the same old language, saying that Roger wanted to lower the blocks in place with a forklift, but that Mark Lehner insisted on ancient means. The film contains all of the elements that prompted my original complaint of fraud.

The original 90-minute This Old Pyramid was re-packaged and broadcast by other television programs, too, making them suspect as teaching aids as well. The British Broadcasting Station aired the NOVA film, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) repackaged it for the science program The Nature of Things. CBC advertisements for the October 18, 1993 broadcast unwittingly stated that on the next The Nature of Things, viewers will see how the pyramids were built "without a fork-lift."

The Nature of Things host David Suzuki, in a letter to me dated November 23, 1993, stated:

"I was very surprised to learn from you of the extensive use of machines in the making of the pyramid...it is distressing to realize that the thrust of the show conveyed a totally false impression."

Unfortunately for viewers, I was only successful at informing Suzuki of the facts after the show aired. The CBC ignored my previous attempts to warn against airing the show. After the show aired, Suzuki and top executives at CBC declined to air a disclaimer, despite my persistent requests. WGBH executives, who oversee the NOVA show, accepted no responsibility for CBC's accidental false advertising.

NOVA used a front-end loader and modern steel tools to build a tiny, unfinished pyramid, and so, NOVA's claim to have solved the problems of pyramid construction are invalid.

The Egyptian Pyramid Mystery Is Solved! devotes a chapter to the irreconcilable problems associated with the use of a construction ramp (or ramps) to build the Great Pyramid. Please go to the next excerpt:

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